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What is generative ai ?

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that can generate full text, images, visuals, analyses and reports when prompted by a user. Think of GenAI as a machine that you can give human analytical tasks to, similar to tasks you give an employee. The task is then analyzed using machine learning and AI technology, creates content exactly responsive to your request.


If you’ve heard of ChatGPT, this is a type of Generative AI.


How will it change my business?

Make no mistake, GenAI will change your business. In fact, 97% of business owners see ChatGPT as beneficial, according to Forbes Advisor.


While many industries are likely to change, particularly those in the marketing and creative space, we have identified 6 industries especially susceptible to disruption from GenAI. 


These include:

  1. Law
  2. Architecture
  3. Life, Physical & Social Sciences
  4. Community & Social Services
  5. Marketing & Customer Relations
  6. Office & Admin Support


These industries are ripe for change because they require combing through lots of information, and synthesizing this knowledge into a concise format. They also involve repetitive tasks, yet require a high level of accuracy and quality. Just the sweet spot for GenAI.


We don’t see this as bad news at all. Quite the opposite! What this means is there are tools available to allow you to work better, quicker and more efficiently. This way you can focus on growing your business, while you automate the monotony out of your work.

How can we help?

What we’ve done is give a quick overview of how GenAI is likely to change each industry and provide some tools that already exist to increase your growth and productivity.


Feel free to go directly to your industry for a look at the tools that will change your work life.

1. Law

GenAI will change the current practice of law. Systems based on large language models (which automatically analyze and generate text), like ChatGPT, have become widely available and are capable of producing complex writing and research tasks that previously required highly skilled individuals. 


However, this intervention is not without risks. Most of us have all heard of New York lawyers who claim that ChatGPT tricked them into citing fake cases.


Regardless, lawyers that can successfully use GenAI will be able to provide services at cheaper costs, with greater efficiency—given that they would be able to produce sophisticated and well-written text with the click of a button.


As a lawyer, here are three AI tools I know will transform legal work:


Ellie learns your writing style and crafts email replies as if they were written by you. Helpful for the 100+ emails lawyers send daily


Wordtune finetunes your rough thoughts but in clear, compelling and concise prose. Any lawyer’s dream.


Think ChatGPT, but with access to Google.

To build more specific AI tools to help you with your specific needs including contract preparation and review, document review and organization in litigation, due diligence in M&A and other transactions, predictive case analysis, legal research, document organization and management, contact us at

2. Architecture & Construction Design

GenAI is revolutionizing the fields of architecture and engineering by providing powerful tools and capabilities that enhance the design, planning, and construction processes. 


Some specific applications in architecture and engineering include: Design Optimization, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Structural Analysis and Optimization, Construction Site Monitoring and Safety, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Urban Planning and Traffic Optimization, Materials Research and Development.


Indeed, some recent GenAI tools are already taking the space by storm. Here are three of the top tools architects cannot stop raving about:


Generative AI tool for architectural planning, to rapidly generate multiple design options for a given project, considering the client’s particular requirements and the available space.


A text-to-image converter powered by artificial intelligence that architects, designers, and other artists continue to praise for its ease of use and photorealistic rendering capabilities.


Converts 2D images into a variety of 3D spaces complete with interior themes and fittings

3. Life, Physical & Social Sciences 

In Life Sciences and pharmaceuticals, GenAI has become a powerful tool for drug discovery and development given that it can analyze vast amounts of data to generate novel drug candidates with potential therapeutic properties, significantly accelerating the drug discovery process.

GenAI has also proven invaluable in simulating physical systems, enabling scientists to study intricate physical phenomena and test hypotheses efficiently. From astrophysics to materials science, GenAI has the potential to unlock new insights and discoveries. In fields like climate science for instance, it can assist in developing accurate climate models and predicting future scenarios, including those caused by climate change.

Social Sciences will also evolve thanks to advanced natural language processing techniques. Now, large volumes of text can be analyzed in less than a minute to uncover hidden patterns, sentiments, and identify societal biases, public opinion, and track misinformation. From a corporate perspective, businesses can create chatbots and virtual agents that can simulate human-like conversations, revolutionizing customer service, client onboarding and up-selling services.

4. Community & Social Services   

GenAI changes the game in service offerings by analyzing large volumes of demographic data, socioeconomic indicators, and public health information to provide valuable insights into community needs, resource allocation, and service planning. Organizations can now optimize interventions, identify vulnerable client populations, and tailor services to address specific challenges effectively.

Another innovative aspect is the introduction of chatbots and virtual agents powered by GenAI. These tools can provide immediate assistance and support to individuals seeking information or guidance through empathetic and responsive conversations, a personalized experience and timely and accurate information.

Other GenAI innovative solutions include mobile applications or online platforms that connect community members with vital resources, allowing large NGOs and organizations to better engage with each of their members.


Technology to build AI Assistants that talk like a Human.

IBM Watson

Watson provides understanding, reasoning, learning capabilities and advice on engaging with stakeholders through natural language processing (NLP). This powerful platform can help improve efficiency throughout the organization while providing AI enabled intelligence services

Salesforce Einstein

This software solution leverages NLP, deep learning algorithms and predictions technology to create a powerful engagement tool that quickly interacts with stakeholders and donors while making suggestions based on realtime analysis of large volumes of customer data

5. Marketing & Customer Outreach    

GenAI will improve the customer experience and personalization in countless ways. In total, we can now design GenAI algorithms that analyze vast amounts of customer data, to generate tailored recommendations, product suggestions, and fine-tuine marketing campaigns. GenAI models also generate realistic synthetic data, to train machine learning algorithms and conduct market simulations. This way business decision-making is even more informed decisions with more realistic predictions.

Not to mention, GenAI can create marketing copy on the dime.

Tools that can help with this type of customer hyper segmentation and creative marketing asset creation include:


HiveMind AI connects digital strategy to tactics that drive measurable business growth and profitability.


Copysmith’s AI content generator makes product description writing fast, easy and fun.


Echowin takes multiple calls at a time, lets you see call transcripts in real time and personalizes every response for your customers.

6. Office & Admin Support     

GenAI in office and admin support frees up staff to work on more strategic and complicated duties by automating mundane operations and helps with information management. As an example, GenAI enables intelligent document processing and management. Through optical character recognition (OCR) and advanced data extraction techniques, GenAI can quickly and accurately analyze documents, extract relevant information, and organize it in a structured manner reducing the time required for manual data entry, document sorting, and retrieval, leading to improved document management and faster access to critical information.


Other ways AI can be applied in this field: Virtual Assistants, Document Management, Email Management, Workflow Automation, Meeting Management, Data Analysis and Reporting, Employee Support and Onboarding, and Information Retrieval.



Supernormal helps you create amazing meeting notes without lifting a finger.


An email writing assistant that learns from your writing style and crafts replies as if they were written by you

Notion AI

Notion AI organises your notes and automates tedious tasks.