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We put AI to work.

Management Consulting

Our business & operations experts examine your business and operations models. We identify areas to reorganize your revenue model and operations to extract new value.

AI Transformation

Our AI, software and product teams examine your business and existing technology. We identify and implement innovate AI solutions to improve your existing tech and business practices.

Software Architecture

What ever your unique software and technology needs, we build unique tech solutions to solve your most pressing problems, focusing on security, scalability and ease of use.

AI & Tech Education

We educate your team on the latest developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technology advancements, to allow you continue to evolve faster than your industry.

Thought Leaders

Learn from our team of AI engineers, software architects, product managers, and business operators on the latest innovation in Articificial Intelligence, and its potential to change how you do business.


Our Team


We’re a team of software, AI, product, management and legal experts, focused on developing methods to transform business with the latest in AI technology.

Unlock your revenue potential

Whether you want to increase sales, optimize your operations, improve marketing returns, or do less for more reward, artificial intelligence is the gateway to an improved business life.

We work with you to rethink the way you currently do business, and unlock areas for revenue growth and added value.

Learn more about who we’ve helped and how

We worked with legacy and innovative corporations from train manufacturers, to energy providers to cryptocurrency market places. Learn how we transformed each of these business, and areas to include artificial intelligence in their operations. 

We provide Case Study information upon request. Schedule a consultation today.



Multinational train manufacturer, our work with Thales involved Software Architecture.

Canadian Black Scientists Network

Canada’s largest organization for Black Scientists in Academia. Our work with CBSN involved digital transformation and Tech Education.


Africa’s largest home-grown cryptocurrency exchange, our work with Patricia involved Management Consulting.


Toronto-based start up, our work with CommunoBox involved Digital Transformation and Tech Education.

Want to learn more?

We would love to get to know you, your business problems and your objectives. Schedule a free consultation with us today or request a case study detailing our work with our prior clients.